Understanding the Arab-Iraeli Conflict

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The other day I saw a story in the Guardian about a Arab teenager who was killed on his birthday in the West Bank. Another civilian casualty in a war that has been raging for decades.

I posted it to my Facebook page. I couldn’t understand why so many civilians were being massacred; women and innocent babies. Truth be told, I’ve always been at a loss as to why Israelis and Arabs hate one another so much.

From Facebook post:

Really difficult to understand what is happening in Gaza. Is Israel just bombing the shit out of innocent people?

What I got in response was quite helpful. It was a rundown of the history of the Israel-Palestine conflict. The article explains major events in this conflict beginning in 1948. This is a video briefly explaining what happened to set off the current situation in the region.

You can read the full story here:
9 questions about the Israel-Palestine conflict you were too embarrassed to ask

Understanding world events such as this is what Well Learned is all about. Today there is little prolonged discussion on worldly issues that shape our lives and our children’s lives. If you’d like to start a discourse on the Israel-Palestine Conflict please leave a comment and add links to images, videos and articles that will increase our understanding of the conflict.

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