The real cost of web development

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Whenever I’m contacted to work on a new project I always take the time to thoroughly review with the potential client all the steps that go into developing a website – there…are…plenty. It doesn’t matter the size of the project; it can be a one pager with a simple message or a multipage dynamo complete with shopping cart, all sites need to be properly thought out.

It can be difficult to explain why we need to get into the minutia and clients often try to sweep this stage under the rug leaving me to think things through for them. For the most part they only really care about what it will cost. Alas, we arrive at that moment where we either walk hand-in-hand down that path towards a dreamy branding experience or awkwardly stare at each other like one of us just said “I love you”, the other “ditto” then turns and runs away.

Who knew this line of work would be so heartbreaking.

Well, to help any of you out there who are approaching the threshold of developing your website and online brand I’m sharing a great infographic thought up by the good people at One Sky Media illustrating the real cost of a website design.

It’ll make you think twice.


The Real Cost of A Website Design

Infographic: The Real Cost of A Website Design


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