Author: Winton Wedderburn

I am a Public Health Professional in Community Health Education and I would like nothing more that to contribute significantly to the field of Public Health by discovering innovative techniques to advance health promotion and education. I'm really interested in social media and it's influence on human behavior. I wonder how we can use its power to affect change in the way we take care of ourselves and the world around us. I am the owner of Simian, LLC, a web development and marketing company whose goal is to help people, organizations and businesses that focus on health and well-being to promote their services with quality design and effective marketing strategies.

My secret life as a forty year old virgin

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The title was to get your attention. BUT since you’re here already… Yesterday marked 60 days until my 40th birthday. I’m 40…FUCKIN’ 40! Birthdays are extra special for me. I celebrate for an entire week. That week is all mine no matter what you think or say. I’m never wrong that week, I don’t apologize […]

Examining Police Violence as a Public Health Issue

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The following article was written on July 6, 2016 as a writing sample for a research position I applied for. When I heard about the killing of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, LA and Philando Castille in St. Paul, MN I just felt the need to start doing something about it. I’ve written/talked about my […]

Fresh Baked Bread for the Soul

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Yesterday I got up and immediately felt depressed.

The Coming Race War Won’t Be About Race


Time Magazine just did a great series of articles about what happened in Ferguson, MO. Reading it helped me put the pieces together more clearly. I could see the connections that alluded me in the national news’ coverage. One particular piece in the series caught my attention. It was an opinion piece by six-time NBA Champion and MVP, […]

The real cost of web development

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Who knew this line of work would be so heartbreaking.

Understanding the Arab-Iraeli Conflict

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The other day I saw a story in the Guardian about a Arab teenager who was killed on his birthday in the West Bank.


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The following was written 10 days after I completed the cleanse, but with all that’s going on I’m just getting around to publishing this now.

Workin’ For the Man Every Night and Day…

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Do you ever wonder what it would be like to start another life? To just say “fuck this shit” and maybe join a commune or… become a recluse in search of his destiny – David Carradine style? I believe for many people this has become a normal, everyday way of thinking. How many of us dream […]


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You ever look in the mirror and staring back at you is this person you thought you’d never become? For the most part its always been a positive experience; I like who I’ve become overall and yet there’s definitely room for improvement. These past few months I tend to avoid that mirror for fear the […]

Startin’ Sumthin’

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It’s been about 9 months and I’ve been home as a result of being laid off back in July. I really liked that job too. It’s been good and bad; I get to spend time with my kids who are 3 years old and 8 months old, but the idea of not bringing in a […]