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Who Do You Call When Police Murder?
Examining Police Violence as a Public Health Issue
/ July 8, 2016 0 COMMENTS

The following article was written on July 6, 2016 as a writing sample for a research position I applied for. When I heard about the killing of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, LA and Philando Castille in St. Paul, MN I just felt the need to start doing something about it. I’ve written/talked about my…

The finished result
Fresh Baked Bread for the Soul
/ September 15, 2014 0 COMMENTS

Yesterday I got up and immediately felt depressed.

The Coming Race War Won’t Be About Race
/ August 29, 2014 2 COMMENTS

Time Magazine just did a great series of articles about what happened in Ferguson, MO. Reading it helped me put the pieces together more clearly. I could see the connections that alluded me in the national news’ coverage. One particular piece in the series caught my attention. It was an opinion piece by six-time NBA Champion and MVP,…

The real cost of web development
/ August 28, 2014 0 COMMENTS

Who knew this line of work would be so heartbreaking.

Understanding the Arab-Iraeli Conflict
/ August 1, 2014 0 COMMENTS

The other day I saw a story in the Guardian about a Arab teenager who was killed on his birthday in the West Bank.

Garcinia cambogia hca
/ August 1, 2014 0 COMMENTS

The following was written 10 days after I completed the cleanse, but with all that’s going on I’m just getting around to publishing this now.

Engine order telegraph
Workin’ For the Man Every Night and Day…
/ June 30, 2014 0 COMMENTS

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to start another life? To just say “fuck this shit” and maybe join a commune or… become a recluse in search of his destiny – David Carradine style? I believe for many people this has become a normal, everyday way of thinking. How many of us dream…

/ June 24, 2014 0 COMMENTS

You ever look in the mirror and staring back at you is this person you thought you’d never become? For the most part its always been a positive experience; I like who I’ve become overall and yet there’s definitely room for improvement. These past few months I tend to avoid that mirror for fear the…

Fiery Sunrise Silhouette
Startin’ Sumthin’
/ March 28, 2014 0 COMMENTS

It’s been about 9 months and I’ve been home as a result of being laid off back in July. I really liked that job too. It’s been good and bad; I get to spend time with my kids who are 3 years old and 8 months old, but the idea of not bringing in a…