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You ever look in the mirror and staring back at you is this person you thought you’d never become? For the most part its always been a positive experience; I like who I’ve become overall and yet there’s definitely room for improvement. These past few months I tend to avoid that mirror for fear the man in it will eat me alive!

Since last November after running the NYC Marathon I’ve uh…let myself go so to speak. On race day I was about 200 lbs which is below my average of 206 — been that weight since Freshman year of college. It would fluctuate…210, 212, but always came back to that magic number, 206 with minimal changes to diet or physical activity.

Today I weigh an unbelievable 248 lbs and MAN does it feel like it. Not being used to so much weight I feel sluggish and tired. I don’t sleep well and get winded after climbing a few flights of stairs. In Kung Fu the other day we were doing warm up exercise and I couldn’t lift my legs to do leg raises. And my wife! My darling wife…she thinks she’s a comedian with all the jokes. I got her jokes…right here!!!

All in all, I blame the holidays or rather my ravenous appetite during the holidays. After training for over 20 weeks and watching my diet (somewhat) I indulged in all the things I couldn’t before and there was plenty of it between Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Three Kings. I said no to nothing! NOTHING!! Of course, I did also develop a rather bad habit that must be curbed – my love affair with craft beer. I’ve been drinking these beers for a while, but something is just different now. So many varieties of tasty goodness. My favorite off the shelf is the Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA (ABV 7.2%).

But all this to say that I’m getting back on the right track. I met up with a friend who sells aloe vera based weight management products; she asked if I was interested. I said only if I didn’t have to buy anything and I can try out the products first before endorsing anything. Its called Forever Living and they have a product called Clean 9; a 9 day cleansing program designed to help you lose weight and clean out your system. I’m on the 2nd day and it is not easy, but I’m sticking to it.

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Wish me luck!


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